PD Befriender Program

The information contained in this page is intended for Singapore healthcare professionals only.

How Can We Help You?

PD Befriender Program is designed to provide the best assistance and support for patients diagnosed with end stage renal failure

The PD Befrienders who volunteer in this program are also patients on Peritoneal Dalysis. As such they can share their experience as a firsthand PD patient.

If you are keen to have a PD Befriender's listening ear, we can arrange this for you promptly.


4 Ways to get In Touch With Us

  1. Fill in the application form and drop it in any PD Befriender drop box
  2. Fax form to 6324 0565
  3. Email to pdbefriender_program@baxter.com
  4. Call toll free number @ 1800-CALL-BAX / 1800 2255-229

Real Life Expriences

Mdm R, 46 yrs old

I started PD since 2003. Before starting on PD. i felt giddy, weak and had poor appetite. With PD, I feel like a normal person and my appetite had also improved! PD is flexible, thus i can continue to work and go out with my friends and family. As i felt better. After doing PD, i am able to perform well at work and was even promoted! During the 30 minutes PD exchange, my time is spent more wisely, I can fold clothes or even read books. I am Glad that my renal doctor recommended PD to me, allow me to lead a normal life like before.

Mr and Mrs S, 48 yrs old

As a care giver, i find tha Automated Peritoneal Dialysis is good and convenient because all we need is 20 minutes to set up the machine and it will automatically perform dialysis for my husband while he is asleep til the next day! And the next morning once the dialysis treatment is completed, I just need 5 minutes to disconnect him from the machine. He is able to go to work and live a normal life. We are able to continue to travel with the support from the dialysis company. the convenience of PD allows us to spend quality time together as a family


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