U.S. Master Data Account Transition

Beginning May 2011, Baxter is contacting certain U.S. customers in preparation for a Master Data account transition project. This initiative integrates the common elements required to comply with GS1 global standards, which have become the universally accepted methodology of conducting business within the healthcare industry with customer and trading partners.

One outcome of this change will be the introduction and use of Global Location Numbers (GLNs) when conducting business with external parties that choose to do business in this format. A GLN is essentially a location address used by all suppliers when interacting with that customer, providing for a standardized means of customer addressing and account structure.

Changes will affect how customer accounts will be defined and maintained at Baxter. Customers will be notified throughout 2011 regarding which account numbers will remain active and which account numbers will be inactivated on a specific date. Baxter asks these customers to update vendor master files to reflect these changes as soon as possible.

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions about the Master Data account transition project. Customers with questions about the data account transition may call 1-877-329-0003.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Baxter doing this now?
With the growing importance of global standards and adoption of GLN location numbers within the healthcare industry, Baxter customer base, the systemic changes we are deploying now will provide us with the ability to meet these needs, as well as deployment timelines, as defined by GS1.

Q: When will I know my account number is being updated or changed?
A data analysis is being performed to assess duplicate locations that currently exist within our system on a customer by customer basis. As these accounts are reconciled, we will communicate these changes and the progress being made to the customers impacted. The key underlying concept in this account transition is to ensure that our internal Baxter system aligns and matches the GLN shipping locations that have been provided by our customer or their affiliated GPO.  In those instances where we are unable to directly align, expect us to contact you to discuss mismatched locations and ensure alignment between both parties. 

Q: How is Baxter going to maintain a clean data base?
As part of overall system deployment plan, we have developed more robust governance rules and operational processes within our Master Data Center of Excellence team. These rules will help to mitigate duplicate account set-ups and/or account changes that are not compliant with GLN rules and guidelines that have been established.

Q: How does this affect me? 
Simplifying account structure via alignment with GLN's will provide a much higher level of transactional quality from an order to cash perspective. With the elimination of duplicate or inaccurate account information, we expect to see far less pricing, shipping, and billing discrepancies that we have historically seen.  Additionally, you will now be able to place orders with Baxter using you GLN location number directly.

Q: Will my systems be impacted as a result of these account changes?
While we cannot clearly identify all the systems that exist within a customer's environment, this change will likely require modifications to your existing vendor file used to generate purchase orders to Baxter.  As we identify the account structure changes (keep active versus deactivate) we will notify the customer and be willing to assist when requested to make the appropriate changes and alignment within the systems being utilized between the customer and Baxter.

Q: How were the accounts selected for me that will be used moving forward?
When a GLN account structure exists the accounts selected for activation or deactivation will be based on this submittal. Duplicate locations within our system are then reviewed based on internal criteria including lease expiry, sales volume, ordering methods, etc.  In the case of duplicates, those accounts with the highest level of activity were selected and assigned to the GLN location provided. Ancillary account activity for those accounts that were deactivated for use were then migrated to the remaining account that aligned with the GLN structure provided.

For customers where GLN documentation was not provided a similar account consolidation process was also completed using the same criteria, however GLNs were not established in Baxter's system. 

Q: How will these changes impact my shipping schedule?
The modification of shipping schedules is not a primary objective of this data translation project and as such we do not expect significant changes to occur in current shipping schedules. In the event there is a change due to modifications of account structure, your regional sales representative will contact you regarding the proposed changes.

Q: Will these changes impact my allocation rules or allotments?
No - Modifications to account structure will not impact the allocation decision rules or practices today. In the event that a location is viewed as duplicate, the allocation allotment for the duplicate account will be added to the account that will remain as the transactional account moving forward.