New Supplier

You can provide Baxter with information about your company's products and services by completing the Contact Us form.

In the message box please include a short summary of your company's products or services.  You will receive a response only if your products and services match our needs, at which time we may contact you.  Because of the large volume of inquiries, we cannot accept direct solicitation or follow-up inquiries beyond this submission.

Small and diverse businesses

In 2004, Baxter launched an online database that allows small and diverse businesses an easy way to share information about their companies' capabilities with Baxter. Prospective small and diverse suppliers can create a profile about their company. Purchasing personnel and other Baxter employees responsible for supplier selection will be able to use this database in their sourcing process. If you are a small business, woman-owned or minority-owned business, please complete the form with your company's information.